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Washing Tips

Removing stubborn stains

Don’t leave your laundry lying around too long if it has stains on. Blood, for example, quickly creates a rusty stain that almost never comes out. Don’t delay!

For stubborn stains, spray a cleaning agent such as Shout on the spot in question and leave it for at least 15 minutes before putting the item in the washing machine.

You can also wash with a prewash detergent such as Biotex to remove the most stubborn stains. You can also run a prewash programme with a scoop or dash of the detergent for the main wash: two soakings give a better result.

Musty laundry

If your laundry doesn’t smell very fresh, make sure you choose the right temperature: underwear, towels and duvets at 60 degrees, for instance, preferably with a prewash programme.

Wash clothing at 40 degrees (including a prewash programme) and don’t load the machine too heavily.

Don’t leave wet laundry in the machine for too long or it will start to smell.

Make sure the laundry is completely dry before putting it in the closet. If you don’t use a dryer, make sure that the laundry doesn’t remain damp on the drying rack for too long. The thick seams of jeans in particular can stay damp for a long time.

A delicate blouse or sweater that smells of food or smoke can be freshened up by hanging it over a warm radiator for a couple of hours. It saves you a laundry or dry cleaning session and that’s better for the clothing too.

Preventing wrinkles in clothing

Fabric softener not only adds a wonderful scent but also prevents clothing from wrinkling too much. Not loading the washing machine too heavily also helps prevent wrinkling. Choose a washing programme with a slower spin (e.g. 800 rpm) to prevent the textile from wrinkling. After drying, lay the clothing out flat or fold it immediately to spare yourself having to iron it.

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The laundromat is open every day from 8am till 10pm*. There are signs giving clear instructions so you can do your laundry without needing assistance. We offer a pleasant and comfortable environment where you can wait for your laundry. The laundromat is maintained daily so that it is always clean and hygienic. A must for every laundromat. * (closed from 17:00 on 31-Dec to 13:00 on 1-Jan)

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