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Wash and dry your laundry in less than two hours! Your family laundry, duvets, mattress covers, curtains, sportswear and so forth will come out fresh and clean again from the new energy-efficient washing machines, which each take up to 14 kg.

You can come to Wassalon VéBé van Steijn for large wash or just a small load. Because we have a range of large and small washing machines, you never pay too much for doing your laundry. We have machines for both washing and drying, or you can choose only to use a dryer, of course. The laundromat has a large table where you can fold your laundry at your leisure. There are also various magazines and Wi-Fi to make waiting for your laundry as pleasant as possible. Your wash will be clean and dry in no time at all!

Payment system

All the washing machines and dryers work using special coins that you can buy (exact change only) from the money-changing machine.

The laundromat has an instruction sign explaining how this works. You can pay by bankcard or using coins or banknotes of up to 20 euros. Please note: the machine only works with the exact change!

You can buy soap at the special vending machine using coins.

Washing machine 7 kg € 5,00
Washing machine 14 kg € 10,00 ( 2 washing coins)
Drying € 2,00 per 30 minutes
Washing powder From € 1,25
Cola, water, chocolate From € 1,00


large washing machine is ideal for double duvets, for example. So you can wash one for €10 (2 washing coins)

Exhange refrigerator

The laundromat has a refrigerator where you can leave unopened leftover food that is not yet past its sell-by date. Someone who has a use for it can take it – so you prevent food wastage and help someone else.

opening hours

The laundromat is open every day from 8am till 10pm*. There are signs giving clear instructions so you can do your laundry without needing assistance. We offer a pleasant and comfortable environment where you can wait for your laundry. The laundromat is maintained daily so that it is always clean and hygienic. A must for every laundromat. * (closed from 17:00 on 31-Dec to 13:00 on 1-Jan)

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